Crunchy Cheetos

I was craving for these Cheetos Puffs the other day when I strolled the grocery area of the mall. I bought it immediately and together with my siblings at home we enjoyed the crispy,cheesy puffs in every bite.  This is an imported product and though it costs pricely compared to the local products, these cheese curls are not so salty. The puffs sizes  are big and evenly cut . You are really satisfied to eat the big curls inside the jumbo pack.Great  to nibble while watching favorite television shows. Crrrrunchylicious!!

gifts for her


I like giving gifts to people who are close and dear to me. It is my way of expressing my genuine gratitude and appreciation in some ways. Last holiday season I surprised my cousin Liza with a small token during our reunion and family get together.  My gifts for her are some women fashion essentials and one of them was this pair of rose shell earrings. She was so happy to received my gift. It really matched her outgoing personality as a fashionable woman. I would consider that gift as a memorable one because of the length of time that we haven’t seen each other. A special gift for a special relative.

Buttered potatoes in corned beef


A meal that I cook for today. I have all the time to prepare because it is Saturday. Potatoes are peeled in whole, fried in butter then set aside. Saute onions and garlic then add fried whole potatoes. Add corned beef, mix well and simmer for a few minutes. Serve hot with rice.Yummy!

life insurance rates


I already have life insurance and I am thankful that I was able to avail it before because now the life insurance rates are no longer the same as what I’ve got. It was 10 years ago when I applied for my first life insurance. The maturity value was not so high because I only got what I can afford to pay the annual fee. I was a bit hesitant to get it at first because of my financial standing but I tried my best to save money so I can pay my annual dues. I was able to pay it in five years and now I am confident that I am protected and covered with a life insurance that I would consider as a personal investment.

Bob stroller


I used to baby sit my niece Precious when she was a baby and now I can remember her as a cute and chubby baby then. When she was upset, I usually put her on a Bob stroller and she was so happy when I strolled her in the park and get her acquainted with the grasses, leaves, flowers and trees. By using a baby stroller I never had a hard time taking care of my niece. It was fun and tiring but  worth an experience for me.

Colon cleanser

I am very conscious now especially about my health and wellness. One important thing to do and to add on the daily habit is to have a colon cleanser. Our daily food intake contains lots of toxins that could build up if not eliminated on our waste. Not all of us can defecate daily so we need to cleanse our colon for a healthy well being.

Great opportunities

I am happy to receive today lots of opportunities. I immediately accepted and  made all of it. The topics are all interesting and I had a chance to view the sites associated with the given opportunity. It is my first time today to received this many offers in a single day. I hope to received more in the next coming days. Thanks for this and truly a good blessing for this week.

acne spot treatment

With the latest innovations and medical developments on skin care , we can now achieve the great looks that we are aiming for. Like for acne spot treatment there are already new discoveries with the aid of  high quality and advance technology machines. Beautiful faces at this time is not hard to achieve as long as you have money and can afford to pay the costs of series of skin treatments such as the acne spots.

Free web directories

I am very active on my blogging activities  and my time is mainly focused online. It is very important to have lots of searches to broaden the scope of the topics that I would want to create and upload in my blog. Good thing because I found some free web directories. They are really of great help to me. There were times when I got stuck up in an idea and I need to expand it more. Online activities can be very meticulous but if you are creative enough to do searches  there are lots of interesting ideas to learn from it.

Scalp pimples

I have experienced scalp pimples and it was painful especially if the pimple is just budding up. I am having difficulty combing my hair because the comb could touch the swelling  in the scalp.  I think this is a common problem that each one of us could experience it. The scalp is also with open pores so it is not exempted from pimples. Just bear with its inconvenience and discomfort because it will just naturally heal in a few days.