Thankful for the year 2009



The year is about to end now. It has been a challenging year 2009 for me. Although I experienced lots of personal struggles of ups and downs in life, in somehow the events that transpired during this year helped and strengthened me. I was able to overcome the hardships in life with hope and faith that all things that happened had always a certain purpose. I experienced those things not because I deserved them but they were all tests on how would I be able to face and handle the challenges that came into my life. All in all this year 2009 is a year of thanksgiving for me personally and to my family. A great year that I can always be thankful for ūüôā

Swisher Sweets


I can remember my uncle who used to  smoke branded cigars. It was funny for me seeing him puffing out the cigar in different poses and styles. I think that was his favorite personal pastime by puffing up some Swisher Sweets  cigars. I used to tease him about his habit and would consider that time and bonding of us as a very memorable one. I told him, you know you really looked like an old rich man, then we would laughed together. That was funny times and unforgettable moments.

Mello Yellow Monday


This yellow house captured my attention while strolling in the ups and downs of the Cascade in Cottonwood Heights.¬† It is situated in I think the end most part of the subdivision. Cool, silent and peaceful area that is truly beneficial for urban living. This shot is just perfect for today’s theme. Happy Monday to all!

Free Insurance Quotes

My cousin Mark just bought a new car from a good and reliable car dealer and he was indeed happy for the  dream car that he wanted to have. At last his dream came true and realized to own a brand new one. I really appreciate the dealer because she was able to provide free insurance quotes which are very important as far as car insurance is concerned. It is one way of giving a client some options to choose from for the benefit and protection of the new car. Now my cousin can choose from different kinds of qoutes offered as he  goes after the protection of his newly acquired asset.

Christmas party gifts


I enjoyed the office Christmas party yesterday and it was all a happy celebration of the Christmas spirit. Each one of us was given our code names for the exchanged gifts. My code name was Diana Zubiri and the one who got my name was Jolina Magdangal. These are the names of the local actresses. When my code name was called I received these gifts of bath essentialsР2 pieces of towels and a bathrobe. I really like the gifts that  I received and thankful because I need them personally for bath. The items are something that I can always use daily. I love the feminine colors of peach and pink. Christmas gifts that are truly given with thoughts and spirit of the season.

Frustrating experience with Cebu Pacific Airline


Last Friday was my scheduled flight bound for Manila. I was having office that morning and took an undertime in the afternoon so I can went home and still have time to packed up my luggage. My flight time was 7:10pm so I left around 5:00pm and by an hour I can be at the airport. The traffic was congested during this time so I needed to have an allowance for the travel. I arrived at the airport at 6:15pm and immediately checked in my luggage. The check-in counter in-charge immediately informed me that my flight J970 bound for manila was estimated for 2 hours delay. Oh my, why!!!??.. They dont have definite answers and so I immediately proceeded to the pre-departure area. I informed Nang Net & Anne  in Manila that I will be delayed. I took my dinner at the airport cafe because it was already 8pm. At around 9pm, the airline management announced that the plane would arrived at 10pm thereby extending another hour of delay.Everybody was complaining about the flight schedule in the pre-departure area. The airline served packed dinner meals to the stranded passengers. This was my second round of dinner because I had already one earlier. It was very tiring alreadyand the plane arrived past 10pm. The cabin crew apologized for the inconvenience of the delay that was brought about by the check-in system failure in Manila that affected their entire system including Davao. The plane took off at 10:20pm already. The flight took an hour and a half. I arrived NAIA 3 at 12:00 midnight . I felt sorry for the persons who waited for me at the arrival area because of the 3-hours of delay.  We arrived at 1:30am in Antipolo which is an hour drive from the domestic airport. Very exhausted and tired. This was my first time to travel with this kind of flight  delay. Really a frustrating experience for me.

Sell Books


I have lots of used books at home that are still worthy to use even though it is already obsolete as you might think but still considerably good. I had been using them since my college days and until today my books are still arranged and piled safely. It was organized so that I can still have my books for future references. I bought them from my pocket and it was a treasured personal things. When I learned online that I can sell books , I really thought of doing it. That is a great idea! This one way of paying me back for the books that I owned. The internet technology is really great that it gives me an idea on selling book online in just some clicks on my computer.



Jubilee Celebration


It’s been days that I was off from my blogging activities. I just arrived yesterday from¬† a short vacation in Manila. It was¬† a special family celebration wherein we met with many relatives for the Jubilee of my Uncle Gene and Auntie Ching. Golden 50 years of their wedding.It was a meaningful event that was truly memorable.¬†A once in a life time event where my relatives gathered for the occassion. We haven’t seen each other for over 23 years and I think I was still in the elementary grade when we last met. This was indeed a great celebration of thanksgiving for the family.

Water filters


It is interesting to learn that there are companies who are giving special importance to our health particularly in our daily drinking water. At present we are not hundred percent sure of the safetyness of the water that we are drinking  hence the creative concept of  water filters  arrived in the household market. It is a great innovation that aids as a purifier and also filters some harmful chemicals and elements that are present in water. It also serves as the main agent to cleanse and make water potable and safe for human consumption. There are many interesting filter products available online. Very affordable and quality products you would surely benefit  for home use.

Advent Season

Today is the season of Advent (November 29-Dec. 24),  a season including the four Sundays preceding Christmas. May this celebration be a continued wishes of hope, love, joy and peace in each one of us as we prepare for the Christmas season.

‚ô• Have a Blessed Advent ‚ô•