Non-Working day at home

Today November 30 is declared as non-working holiday. I have no office and my weekend days are extended. Yehey!! I wake up early this morning because I have requested a buddy boy to do some house cleaning. The laundry, grass trimming and  floor& window cleaning was finished before 12:00noon. After I changed the curtains and made some christmas decorations in the living room.In the afternnon I sleep until 4:oopm. What a relaxing and refreshing feeling when I wake up. It seems that I am totally relieved from stress. The latter part of the evening is watching the news and my favorite telenovela. I also arrange my personal things to be ready for tomorrow’s work & study. My non working day spend at home is totally  an achievement because of what I did for the whole day.

Florida Vacations



I am including another special plan this coming christmas holiday and that is to have a great adventure in the United States particularly the  florida vacations. Florida is one of the best states where you can find Walt Disney World, Seaworld Adventure park and Universal Studios Orlando. This would be exciting for me because it would be my first time to visit these wonderful amusement parks. I already made my reservation and bookings  online. It is very easy and customer friendly site. You can book at anytime of the day 24/7 with convenience and comfort online.  More interesting updates and booking schedules are posted in the site so better check it out.

Samsonite luggage


I am planning for a vacation this coming christmas holiday and usually in this kind of personal plan, I need to pay particular attention on my luggage so that it wont be difficult for me as far as travelling is concerned. One brand that I consider as the best in style and quality is Samsonite luggage. I had been using this brand   in most of my travel destinations. The distinguishing attributes of Samsonite never fades but rather maintains its product quality as time goes on. There are lots of specials and new offerings in the site so just chek it out.

Its Saturday Again!

I love Saturdays! It is one of the great days of the week wherein I can give myself a  break from the hassle and bustle of the weekdays. I have many achievements at home today. I finished laundrying the soiled clothes since Monday. I also cooked the marinated fish in the refrigerator and had it deep fried for my lunch. I cleaned the kitchen utensils — pots, frying pans etc… The household chores was finished early before 12:00 noon. I slept until 3:00pm and it was a great feeling of being relaxed and charged after hard days of work and studies.

Plasma Mounts


 Holiday season is coming again and I am very excited to shop for my new flat screen television . For this plan I need to have a durable and quality television stand and  plasma mounts. I found this site as a good solution as far as television stand and mounting needs  are concerned.  Their online offerings are very essential with high degree of excellence . Just visit them online for more interesting details.

State of Emergency in Maguindanao

The president declared a state of emergency in Maguindanao after the deadly massacre that happened on Monday in Southern Maguindanao province. Authorities have recovered six more bodies, bringing the death toll to 52 in one of the Philippines’ worst election massacres. Regional police commander  says the bodies were dug out from a shallow pit near a grassy hilltop where police and troops earlier found 46 other remains from Monday’s attack in southern Maguindanao province. The 52 victims include the family of a gubernatorial candidate and 18 Filipino journalists who accompanied his relatives in filing his election papers. Suspicion fell on a rival clan that has ruled the province unopposed for years. This news brought the attention of all authorities and making headlines worldwide. It is very inhuman and I personally condemn the killings of innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the feud between  Muslim clans in that place.

Blog Approval

Great news for this weekend. After months of waiting, finally my blog is already approved. I had been waiting and making some follow-up emails about the approval so I can received some opps on this.  Last saturday I got a confirmation email that I can now log-in . Thanks to MyMy and Norm for being supportive on my blog site. I am looking forward for more fruitful opportunities that will be given in the coming days.

Great Filipino Boxer


Last Sunday was again a remarkable day for the country’s pride, Manny Paquiao for winning by TKO against Cotto. This time, it’s Manny who dominates the boxing sport in the world. I watched the boxing game and he really played well just like his previous games. Now its trully proved that nothing beats Pacquiao because he is the only boxer who wins in 7 different titles. What a great achievement! Mabuhay ka Manny and the country is trully proud of you.

Ruby Tuesday

RubySlippers1[1].jpgmorris copy


A picture of a lonely parrot in Davao City’s nature adventure park. I tried to tease this bird for picture taking but seemed really shy to came out of the little shelter made for him. I was almost bitten by it’s bill when I tried to touch the head. Then after tired of just staying in his little house, the red parrot ate some pellets for food. He carefully ate  all whats inside the food serving dish very slowly. When people passed by to  take a picture and teased him, he would immediately hide himself inside the cute little shelter. I enjoyed my nature adventure and this picture of a red parrot is just perfect for today’s ruby Tuesday. Happy Red Day to all!!