Good time and devastation

It was mixed happenings over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were very favorable to me because I was able to have a break with myself in a spa and and relax at home savoring yummy meals & spent some time in sleeping. I really owed these to my self. While I spent a good time at home, a heart breaking devastation of a storm swept Metro Manila that cost a lot in many lives of the people. I was also worried about my relatives who are living in the southern and northern cities. Good thing  because they were not affected by the flood. They just lost electricity and water supplies due to the heavy rains that resulted to a big flood. I think this is the reality of living. Life is always unpredictable. You dont know what will happen tomorrow.  Prayer really matters at all times.


Tummy trouble


I was having a hard time at work since this morning because my tummy is having trouble until at this moment while I am typing this post. I ate a little for lunch and even take a little bread for merienda. The pain was a little relieved in the afternoon but there is still the pain up to this time. It seems that my tummy is full of gas that is not released. I kept on burping this morning. I am still thankful because I was able to finish work until the office time off. Perhaps this is also a manifestation of stress . I think I have to go home now and rest myself.

Enjoying Monday

It is Monday once again. I am happy to spend the day today relaxing and resting because it is declared as non-working holiday. I had time this morning to attend to some household chores. I wake up early and water some plants. The weather is not cooperative for almost a month now. There is no rain yet and the plants started to get withered. The roads are very dusty that reached almost an inch thick already. Good thing because I was able to hire a boy cleaner yesterday who did the weeding of grasses and sweeping of some dried leaves.  After I washed up some soaked blankets and comforters and had it blow dried in a drier. I finished around 8:30 am. Sipping a cup of hot coffee together with creamy bread and cheeze was savory. Arranging some mess in my room took a while. The humid temperature just raises the heat so taking up some shower just made me refreshed, clean and feeling cool in the morning. I prepared lunch early with meals of vegetables and fish. At 12:00noon I am already done and so watching a few television shows was worth a sit on the sofa. I fix myself after 30 minutes and went downtown for some important transactions and update here on my post.  Today is indeed a great day for me. I dont have to think about work at the office. Anyway, tomorrow is again another day. Thanks for this great Monday.

Remembering September 11


Today is  September 11. It is already 8 years after that very tragic event that shook the world. I think that was one of the deadliest events of the century.  Even though I am far from the place where it happened, I can still recall on the tragedy where it lost lots of lives. Many people who had their love ones in that World Trade Center building died and buried alive when the twin tower building collapsed. Aside from this, there were also lost lives on the plane that crashed. Many were devastated when that event happened and it was so sad especially if a relative or  friend was together in that unforgettable tragedy. I just can see people who until this time cannot be at peace with the September 11 attack and keep on looking for their lost love ones. It is hard to accept this kind of tragic event but I hope they can cope it up as the years go on. This kind of terrorist acts was very inhuman and I hope that it would just end there. No more lives to lost so that no more suffering anymore.  May the memories of September 11, 2001 be remembered as the day of great loss that everything happened be a lesson and a purpose for continuing struggle for peace in the world.

Great day at the office


 I have a great day today! The wekend was long enough for rest and recreation of the people. This might be the contributing factor why the atmosphere of the office today is very positive. Though I had lots of deadlines to cope up and update in the system, everything just work on smoothly. My co-workers are in the good mood, no hassles, no irritants. I finished all the coming form dues this week. The system is very cooperative. I was able to upload the pertinent forms faster for the entire day. There were slow and hang-ups but all in all the system service is good. I was also glad that there were lesser verifications so I concentrated well on the scheduling and updating of the taxpayers. I got off from the office 15 minutes after the office time out. Now I can have more time to update my blog post here. I am also glad to received feedback email from my cousin who is requesting me for a personal favor. I like this day. I wish all the coming days would just be like this. It would be beneficial for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Looking forward for better days to come….

Honey Month of September


Time is just fast! It is already September. I like to feel the “ber” months already until christmas. But anyway, here’s what about the month of September. They say this is the sweetest month of the year because it is honey month. A month for love, honey, baby, sweetie and many more endearing words to describe about the one you love. I have no honey as of this time and I am not sourgraping either. I just want to express my thoughts about having a love one. This celebration is one way of  keeping up the flame of love with special someone and remembering him that he is always important in your life.  This month is also an expression of appreciation of deep love for someone who you truly treasure in your heart. I have noticed that many couples this time just forget the thought of being in a relationship. They just take it for granted after everything and being together over time. This month would make us cherished our love one. Validating the existence of each other is a very important gesture or act of true love. May the sweetness of the month flourish to all the lovers including you wherever you are. 😉

Early Adobo Cooking

It is Monday again! I woke up early this morning so I can be at work before time in. I was quite lazy to get up but I just forced myself to do so. I prepared my frozen chicken cuts from the refrigerator for an adobo meal. For this menu I used an instant adobo seasoning mix so that I can save time from slicing, dicing and mincing of the ingredients. I just dissolved the flavorings in water and poured over chicken cuts inside the casserole. Slow cooked to get better flavor and cooking results. It took me about 30 minutes to had this adobo well done. It tastes great! I turned off the stove and prepared a box where I can put rice and the freshly cooked adobo. It was still steaming hot so I had to let the box open until it gets a little warmer before sealing it and carry on  my bag. I had a great lunchtime with my adobo meal. It is one way of saving from buying lunch meals in the office. Good for the health and good for the savings.