Father’s Day – Hungarian Meal

Beef Hungarian Goulash

We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday and as a treat to all my avid eating fans at home , I cooked this special meal from the country of Hungary. I learned to cook this recipe during my lessons on international cuisine. This is a menu of choice beef top-round tendered by beer and flavored with herb and spices. I’ve been tasting mostly local dishes at home but when I learned to prepare this foreign menu, I always made it as one of my recipes for special occasions.

Gifts for Me

My weekend was great because I received some gifts brought by my sis from Manila. They are just small items but somehow brought little happiness in compensation for life’s hard work. I got this Valentino time piece watch–simple but elegant and you can wear it in any day activity.

These pieces of lingerie by Hotpink in Rustans are also nice presents for me. Great style, comfortable and very feminine.

Juts another week of little blessings always worthy to be thankful for.

A (H1N1) Influenza On the Rise

The swine flu virus have risen to almost 92 here in the Philippines and according to the Department of Health news it is the highest in Asia now. This outbreak has been always in the daily news and it is alarming to hear as the number of cases increase these days. I think it is important for us to be cautiously attentive about the spread of this deadly virus because anybody can be infected of it. It pays to take extra care of our self this time especially our health by strengthening the the body’s immunity against the disease. Also minimize going to crowded places like parks or malls because you will not know anybody is already a carrier of this disease. It pays to be safe than sorry.

No More Traffic Day

I am happy to travel today from home to the city’s downtown center without the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in the city. I had been suffering the daily traffic jam for the past two (2) months because of the construction and repair of some major highways. The roads were always in congestion of private and public transport services. It is a great relief for me now that I am able to report at the office just on time. What a great start of the day for this another week of living! 😀