Trendy women’s flat shoes

I like wearing trendy shoes. Something that can be versatile in whatever clothes or attires that I will be wearing.  The other day I was able to buy a flat shoes by Zara from a specialty shop. The design is nice colored minty blue green with some ribbon. Great to wear with skinny, tapered or worn out jeans and a nice fitted top or collared blouse. Anywhere, anytime you can be trendy with flat shoes. Either at work or maybe some late night our parties with friends or any family gatherings.

Jewelry renewal

I have a gold jewelry that I have to renew today. It has been pawned and I just do not want it to be left unpaid or else the dealer would sold it in auction for three months of non payment. My jewelries are very valuable for me because it was my hard earned remembrances during my previous work. It really helped me during those years when I got no work and so I have to pawned my valuables to make both ends meet.  i am hoping that i can fully paid these jewelries the soonest time.

Use of sea salt for cooking

I had been using a usual coarse salt before in my cooking but later I have found  that using sea salt is much more beneficial as far as health is concern. A bit expensive than the ordinary salt though but I bought a canister of sea salt from an exclusive health shop. Sea salt derives 82 essential trace nutrients from the mineral treasure trove present in sea water. These natural minerals are valuable for healthy functioning of the body. The nutritional wealth of sea salt includes vital minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper, and zinc among other beneficial elements. I love how my food tastes using sea salt.

Plane ticket booking

The third quarter of this year twenty sixteen is very busy in the human resource section of the office.  I am handling the recruitment and the monthly update of personnel for the whole region.  Aside from that there are lots of seminars on out of town trips. From time to time there are plane ticket bookings. Most schedules sometimes are booked ahead to be able to have ticket reservations.  Booking for a plane ticket ahead is cheaper as compared when the scheduled trip would be on the next following day.

Picture taking and selfies

Family get together is always fun and enjoyable. We had our short visit reunion yesterday and it was all great time to update, chat and talk about lots of things.  Its a good thing because handy cellular phone cameras are already available to capture moments in picture taking and some selfies using the android phone also with the help of a selfie stick. Easy clicks and posts on my Facebook account so that some relatives who are far away can see the latest from the family.

Remembering the dearly departed

Its already the first day of November.  Today is declared as a regular non working holiday.  Me and my siblings went home to visit my brother’s family and also my relatives. One way of getting together even in a couple of days. This is also to remember our dearly departed parents who had been in heaven. They may be departed but their memories are always cherished by us their children.  One great holiday to spend and bond with family as well.

Organic liquid soap for use at home

After months of using a bar bath soap, now i decide to shift to an organic liquid soap for use at home. I am always pleased with Nature’s Gate products, but their Pomegranate Sunflower Velvet Moisture Body Wash is exceptional. The smell is wonderful–not too fruity or too flowery, and it rinses off well and leaves your skin feeling clean. I’m always getting compliments on how great I smell, and when they ask what scent I am wearing, I tell them “none, it’s my body wash”. I highly recommend Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Velvet Moisture Body Wash to everyone. I actually like this scent! It actually smells like real pomegranate (and maybe real sunflower, but I have no idea what that is supposed to smell like). It is not drying at all, which I appreciate, and a little goes a long way, which I also appreciate. Just a bit of it foamed up nicely to cover my entire body and there were no dry patches.

Defective computer mouse

I was thinking that my computer mouse was already exhausted. The other day, I was very busy encoding some reports in the office. All of a sudden, the computer mouse can no longer be controlled. It kept on moving into different directions even when I control it in the mouse pad. I even accidentally deleted some files because the mouse is not functioning well anymore. I immediately made a report for that defective mouse and I got a new replacement in the next day of work.

Pink tankini top swimwear

I just love going to the beach. It is one of my favorite past time whenever I got bored or so exhausted of the busy life here in the city.  My best friend often invites me to join with her on their private residential resort where she and her hubby was able to bought a piece of land property. Last month I had a chance to joined with my couple friend and we had a great time in the beach. I brought with me my swimwear, a pink tankini top. Shoulder strings in V-neck design. Its very comfortable to wear with a black spandex mini shorts. I just have to maintain my fit figure so that I can wear whatever designs of swimsuits I can have.

Skinny green ladies pants

I really like wearing pants. When I roam around a specialty shop the other day, I came across a nice pair of skinny green ladies pants. I checked out the size and it is thirty with an ankle length that is just so perfectly cut on me. I did not doubt and immediately bought the jeans. Good timing because I can have something to use on my non uniform Friday. Great to pair in a nice fitting blouse  or top and paired with some black or brown flats or sandals.