Baptism gift for the baby

The daughter of my office mate is about three months old and she will be baptized in the church next week. I was requested to stand as one of the principal witness and I agreed to as this is also for the baby. The baby is a girl and I should look for a present that I will give on the baptism day.   I go to the mall and find a nice thing in the baby section. It is a white blanket with pink designs for the baby. It is made of fleece that would make the baby comfortable when its her sleeping time. This is one practical gift to give for the baptism of a baby.

Bunion on the left toe

My brother is having a bunion on his left toe that appeared when he was young kid. Many years he had been experiencing some  little difficulties as far as wearing shoes and slippers are concerned. A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. A bunion forms when your big toe pushes against your next toe, forcing the joint of your big toe to get bigger and stick out. The skin over the bunion might be red and sore. Wearing tight, narrow shoes might cause bunions or might make them worse. Bunions can also develop as a result of an inherited structural defect, stress on your foot or a medical condition, such as arthritis.

October is here!

I just love this month! Well for some very obvious reasons because its my birth month. Time flies fast actually.  I am hoping that this month will be blessed and be glorified by the Lord who never fails to give me provisions in life. Praying that this month will have a great purpose on my personal life  but also to my family and to the  country.  Looking forward for more fruitful days ahead 🙂

Hongkong seminar of my cousin

My cousin had been very busy on his new found business. He is currently venturing into the cooperative business and being hired by the cooperative office to handle a satellite office where he is the speaker for those newly enrolled members. Last week he has  scheduled to travel to Hongkong for a four day seminar in a hotel hosted my the coop management.  The seminar talked about the company’s policies and on how to deal with the new members orienting them on the financial literacy and other plans that relates into finances as far as cooperative is concerned. He was not able to visit some amusement parks because of the limited time.

New black bandeau bra

I had been checking out some under garments from the woman’s shop the other day and good thing because I was able to buy a black bandeau bra. It is made of quality material as this is always my top most thing to consider when buying my fashion essentials.  I like black because it matches with any kind of color of my blouses. Aside from that, bandeau bra has a strap that fits in the shoulders preventing it to fall on the shoulders at any time. I am hoping to find another color of this kind of bra maybe a skin tone and brown.

music instruments stores near me

I have been inclined into music ever since I was a child because  I think because it runs in my family. My mother was into music and she had collected many old albums and songs of famous singers both local and international. Aside from that, she also played the  guitar instrument well. I just miss my mother’s talent as I enjoyed listening to her songs. That made me also curious  to learn about music since then. The past days I had been looking for some music instruments stores near me and I also check out online to see whats new and latest in the market. That way I can also compare prices and buy what is of great quality and value.

Original appointments for new employees

Its another tedious task for me to do because I just got copies of facsimile from the national office of those appointments of new employees. This is really one tasks that takes me months to finish in the office. There are lots of things that I have to do if there are new appointees– preparation of documents, checking of submitted documents, call ups and information. I need to explain every detail so that it would be easy for the applicants to comply the documents before the stated deadline.

universal audio apollo twin

I got a chance to met my friend the other day at the mall. He just arrived from his trip abroad where he works as a musician in a cruise shipping line. It was a great time seeing him again after several months of working overseas.  We had a good chat and made some updates about work particularly.  he told me that he is getting busy searching online about musical instruments and parts  like universal audio apollo twin Their company needs to have an updated parts as far as musical needs are concern to be able to cope up with the fast changing time in his work as a musician.

Black distressed jeans

I am a very fashionable woman ever since. Well, that is the truth about my personality as a modern woman. The other day I was able to bought a new black jeans designed as a distressed one. Its been a common trend now that men and women are using or wearing  distressed kinds of jeans regardless of the brand. For me it is one way of connecting yourself to the modern world. Kinda weird for some but I personally like wearing it. Great to pair with plain top blouses and a nice pair of shoes. 

File organizer in the office

My day at work in the office is often busy and there are lots of incoming documents and reports everyday. So it is very important that my files should be organized or else my place would be like a mess. I was able to asked for a file organizer for office use so that i can put and arrange some important documents on where it has to be placed. By doing so, I can do things in the office smoothly and easily locate my documents well.